7 Online Courses that will help you become a better Marketer

7 Online Courses that will help you become a better Marketer

The skills required to be a star marketer today are entirely different from the skills that were needed just a decade ago, let alone twenty or more years ago.

In fact, given the speed with which new software is emerging, without constant professional development, it can be tough for any marketer to stay up to date. Enter online, self-paced training courses.

There are a lot of courses out there, though on platforms like UdemyGeneral Assembly, and LinkedIn Learning. The quality is variable, though. So, if you’re looking for some cheap (or even better, free) online professional development what are the top courses?

Here are seven of our favourites.

#1. HubSpot Inbound Certification

You know about inbound marketing, right? Essentially content marketing on steroids, inbound marketing combines content, email, CRM, and relationship marketing to generate leads and then qualify, convert, and retain them as customers.

For many, inbound is the future of all sales and marketing, but especially B2B. Get a comprehensive of what inbound is, why it matters, and how to implement it with this free certification from HubSpot. Learn more >>

#2. Google Analytics Academy

Today, marketers are under more pressure than ever from executives to prove the value of their marketing and advertising efforts. What’s the best way to do that? Through clear, detailed, and accurate website analytics. The best way to get those: Google Analytics.

For non-technical marketers, however, Google Analytics can look hopelessly complicated. That’s where the Google Analytics Academy can help. Four free courses, from beginners to sophisticated e-commerce tracking, cover everything you need to know to get started. Learn more >>

#3. Buffer’s Social Media Course

It’s essential for all brands to have at least some presence on social media these days. While getting set up on the main channels—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn— is relatively simple, growing these channels into vibrant marketing channels is trickier.

That’s where Buffer’s free email course comes in. Comprising 25 emails—one per day, the course summarises all of Buffer’s social media marketing expertise in neatly organized and easy to digest 10 minute daily lessons. Learn more >>

#4. Quicksprout University’s Paid Advertising Course

Oh, how happy we’d all be if social media and organic search alone were enough to power our marketing efforts! The fact is, however, that almost all companies need to engage in at least some paid digital advertising to drive traffic to their websites.

Unless you’re careful, though, you can quickly pay out tens of thousands of pounds online and have little to show for it. Quicksprout’s training sessions will make sure you target your ads, track results, and optimize to ensure you’re targeting your spend appropriately. Learn more >>

#5. Code Academy HTML / CSS

Code, specifically HTML and CSS, is what powers most of your marketing campaigns, from email to your website. Since the code is the basis for most marketing today, should marketers know how to code? Probably, yes. At a minimum, you need to know what it is and how to make simple fixes when your WYSIWYG content editor just won’t produce the result you want.

Code Academy is here to help. Their simple, self-paced, and interactive courses will guide you through the basics of building websites and designing online using HTML and CSS. Learn more >>

#6. The Moz SEO Academy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those phrases that everyone talks about a lot, but few people really know about in depth. Trust us, if you can become a true SEO guru, you will be seriously valuable to your company.

The best place to learn SEO is from Moz, one of the web’s leading SEO software companies. While they’re not free, the company’s SEO boot camps are widely regarded as the best introductions to SEO available. Learn more >>

#7. Copyblogger Content Marketing Training

Good online writing is a style all of its own. Successfully crafting content that is not only educational, informative, and entertaining but also successfully channels readers towards taking the actions your desire (such as filling in a lead form) is incredibly difficult.

Enter Copyblogger, one of the web’s longest-running copywriting websites. They’re 20-part copywriting training course covers everything you need to know about writing highly effective online copy. Learn more >>

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